Wedding Menu Card Etiquette.

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When you are planning a seated, formal wedding dinner observing the rules of etiquette is the must. The menu card for wedding dinner is part of such etiquette. Menu card will inform guests on dinner courses and often on meal choices offered for guests with dietary restrictions, it will allow guests to take their time before making a decision. Formal menu cards should include dinner details as well as couple names and wedding date.

CLassic wedding menu card

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Menu cards are also a great source of information on the ingredients for each dish your guests will have. Intolerance or any dietary needs can be accommodated if your guests are aware of what they are having on their plate and they will appreciate having their individual cards for reference.

Where to place

Wedding menu cards are traditionally placed in several ways:

  • to the left of the forks
  • centered over the charger plate above the dessert fork and spoon
  • centered over the charger plate and set into a napkin holder

Formal dinner calls for individual menu cards for all your guests. You definitely have an option to go less formal and have one or two menu cards per table, however, in that case you should not have them flat on the table. Get special holders to hold menu cards upright making them visible to your guests.

If this option is chosen, you may also plan on including some additional information to the back of your standing menu card such as kissing menu or reception program details, or even table number sign. If you choose to include a table number sign at the back of your menu card make sure it is clearly visible to your guests and you have at leas two of those per table and they are positioned the way that one shows

Wedding Stationery – Shape and Format


If you wish to go formal your presentation should be simple, elegant and classic. Vertical orientation card ranging in size from 3-5” wide by 6-8” tall will do the best. Use white or ivory card stock (matte, shimmer or linen finish is best) and have it in either extra heavy thickness or mounted to a card stock base (you may choose contrast or soft tone color shade to compliment your other wedding décor elements). It should be printed in black or gold ink.


For less formal cards other multicolor graphic elements (like printed flower pattern or element) and incorporating of color ink into your copy is common. These modern less traditional cards also vary in shape – any orientation as well as size and shape go, the only rule is that your card should not exceed the edge of the charger. Any card stock any be used as well design elements. Most trendy shape for 2016 and 2017 still remains round menu card, which nicely fits on the plate.

Buffet menu cards

Menu cards are not only used for formal plated dinner, but also for buffet-style dinners as they give guests some extra time to consider food choices before they line up for the food selection. If buffet menu card is offered guests will not feel rushed in making their choices and will eventually spend less time filling their plate . In that case a single card for each table (or two cards per table) will be a good solution as you guests can pass it around before getting their food and later while eating.

What to include in your wedding menu card

What to include in your menu card mostly depends upon your actual dinner menu.
Classic way to have at the top of the card “menu” word so that your guests know right away what information the card on their dinner plaint contains. Writing you names and wedding date will add a nice personal touch.

Menu card should be organized by course. Start with listing salad and soup choices, followed by various entrees and finished by desserts. If you are planning to have more than one entree, introduce them one after another and specifying that the choice of one is to be made. Make sure your card design clearly explains your menu.

Modern options of menu cards include renaming of food choice in a fun way, if you wish to try that for your wedding make sure it will go with your wedding style and your guests will still be able to understand what ingredients are included in the meal.

If you are planning to have wine served with each course mark the wine pairings under the dish with which it is meant to be served wording out under each dish “served with” followed by the type, vineyard and year of the wine.

Visit our menu card section for the available menu card designs from If you have something special in mind and wish to have it visualized contact us and we will help you to have it done in the elegant and most beautiful way!