Wedding Invitations Online

Ordering Wedding Invitations Online is becoming more and more popular. Easy process of online ordering often provides couples with multiple options of customization including colors, fonts, paper, embellishments, and more. If you are looking for stationery store online consider the following aspects prior to placing your order.

How to Order Wedding Invitations.

How to Order Wedding Invitations. Step 1. What Information you need to include in your wedding invitation suite.

When choosing your style look thoroughly what is included in the price / package.

Often wedding invitations come with optional elements that you may or may not include in your order. For example, you may add back pocket to the flat invitation card for insert cards placement. Or you may add a belly band to have your suite wrapped around nicely. These elements might either be included in price shown or may be priced as extra options so check the description of the product to understand what is included in the price as well as look through customization options to check mark elements you wish to add to your style or suite.

Understand e-store order placement and return policy.

Wedding invitations and Wedding stationery items are products which are designed for individual customers and include individual information that is why they are not returnable items. Once you place the order you usually have some time (from 24h to 48h) to cancel it if you change your mind. However, after your digital proof was produced you are not longer eligible for refund.

Double check if you will have an option to review your digital proof.

Mistakes happen, and in order to avoid it you need to see your card / package prior to printing process starts. Inquire what you will be able to change at the time of digital proof review (make changes to the text only or change ink color as well). Some stores offer 1 free round of revisions included with every order. If you are still unsatisfied for any reason with your digital proof after the first round, you most likely will be able to make further revisions, however, be ready to pay for any subsequent rounds as you will be paying for extra design time.

Exclusive customization.

Most stationery providers include multiple options for customization, but what if you like particular style but would want to change an element beyond customization option? Our advise would be contact the store directly and email your request. Small studios that specialize in exclusive service value each customer and will be happy to make further adjustments at little or no charge in this is applicable to the style you are interested in. Want to add crystals? Remove ribbon? Add religious symbol? Send an email with your request and you will be impressed how flexible many stationery designers are. But be ready that this might not work with big online retailers.

Request a sample if possible

If you are not sure about the quality of paper and printing you may always email and ask about the paper brand or type of printing the company uses. Some offer sample kits which include random styles and some paper sample. Sample kits may cost you about $5-$25, or may be free. If store doesn’t have that option email or call them to see if this is possible. Some do not advertise this option but it is actually available if you inquire.
In spite of the fact that many couples prefer traditional approach with visiting stationery studio and having a consultation with designer in person, many couples order wedding invitations online to save time and of course money. When you visit a stationery studio designer won’t charge you, but inevitably the consultation time will be built in the price of every single item you order. For online businesses it is easier to keep ricing lower as they avoid studio costs. At the same time you may always request over the phone consultation to get information about particular style, service options, or ordering process.

If you are ready to order wedding invitations online watch this video to know what information you need to provide to your invitation designer: