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Wedding Invitations King
Wedding Invitations King

Hints and tips for your Wedding Invitations King:

  1. Both to choose the wedding invitations you desire – let them reflect your romantic mood and who you are. Make sure you leave plenty of time for the wedding invitations to be printed and delivered to you, at least 8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Rule of thumb for sending out wedding invitations is 6 weeks prior to the wedding. This gives people the opportunity to keep tthat date free, get their new attire, and of course purchase that all important gift especially for you.
  2. Who should the invitation come from? It is customary that the Wedding Invitations King should appear to be sent from whoever is paying for the reception. e.g. Traditionally it has been the parents of the bride that provide the reception for their daughter, new husband, friends and relatives so if it is the brides parents that are paying, then the wedding invitation should state Jeff and Martha Jones invite you to the wedding of their daughter Frieda to Theodore Murphy on (date), at (time of ceremony and location) and afterwards in (Venue and Location) for a wonderful wedding reception – RSVP.
    If it is a joint effort where both parents and bride and groom are all chipping in for the reception then the invitations goes out from all, if it is the couple themselves then the invitations are sent out from both of you… etc..
  3. Create an excel template with a list of all your friends and relatives that you wish to invite to your wedding. The suggested headings required for this list are, name address, divided into brides and grooms friends, brides friends and relatives, grooms friends, brides parents friends and relatives, groom friends etc.
  4. Important decision to be made at this stage – will you be sending out evening invitations – if yes order separate evening invitations and for these there is no need for people to reply – ordering food for the evening guests is easy as the management at your reception venue will be able to let you know the quantities of food you will require that evening for all the invitees (this is a task that can be assigned to your best man so nothing for you to worry about). If “No” – then nothing further to be done on this.

Useful Tips:

Ordering your invitations over the phone increases the possibility of mistakes, so order in person if possible. If you order your invitations from an online company, make sure your contract states that they will correct mistakes they make for free.

Insist on getting a proof. Have at least two other people review all your proofs before you sign off on them-it’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes will see! If ordering online, remember that color resolution can vary drastically between computers. The best way to guarantee the exact color you want is to ask that a sample be snail mailed to you. Order 20-30 extra save-the-dates and/or invitations with envelopes in case you have to add to the guest list or you make a mistake when assembling or addressing the envelopes. Save-the-date cards should be sent out 6-9 months prior to your wedding. Invitations should be sent out 6-9 weeks prior to your Wedding Invitations King.

Consider working with one stationer or graphic designer for all of your printed materials. She’ll guide you in making sure all of the components convey a consistent design concept. Not that they have to be identical, but as Wedding Invitations King observes in Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding Invitations King, “It’s like making a fashion statement: All of the accessories in your wardrobe should coordinate and fit together nicely.”

To Evite or not to Evite? For the main event, even we progressives at Here Comes The Guide come down on the side of tradition and say go with real paper and snail mail-even if your budget determines that you have to DIY. However, if your overall wedding style is relaxed and casual, then we think Envites are fine for the supporting events, such as your Bachelorette Party. We like Envite’s built-in RSVP system and creative style options.
You can add few on your own and discuss the matter with your wedding planner too. The wedding planner too can give you some ideas regarding the text of the wedding card. All the best!