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Trendy Wedding Invitations Greater Toronto Area card with ribbon bow[/caption]A wedding invitation makes a strong style statement about a wedding and says a lot about the couple getting married and their big day.
TWedding Invitations Greater Toronto Area

Paperless Wedding Invitations:

Avoid Paper Waste

The Southeastern United States is the largest producer of paper in the world. Millions of acres of forests that took hundreds of years to grow are logged each year to supply paper. A lot of paper conjointly comes from tree farms, which offer terribly poor surrounding for biodiversity. Paper factories also are the third largest industrial polluter of water, air and land in nations like the United States and Canada.

Impacts of Paper Manufacturing on Environment

The paper takes a lot of water to process. In the USA, around ten million gallons of water is employed to process paper daily. This is the reason that most of the paper mills are located near lakes or rivers. During the method of manufacturing traditional paper, a pulp mill discharges harmful pollutants like caustic soda and bleaches in the lakes and rivers that ends up the marine life. Unfortunately, once individuals eat fish or other seafood they additionally consume dioxins which can affect the developmental, reproductive, immune and hormonal systems of a human. In this way these harmful elements enter into the food chain.
Carcinogenic chemicals like chlorine and chlorine dioxide are used as the bleaching agent to make the paper brighter. Sulfur is also employed at various stages of the paper manufacturing method. These highly toxic elements often cause problems in breathing, coughing and chemical pneumonia to the one who comes in their contact. Some sulfur compounds contaminate the air and causes respiratory disorders and diseases like asthma and bronchitis to paper mill workers. Methanol is another chemical released in the log pulping process which can result in blindness, headache and liver damage.

Wedding Invitations Greater Toronto Area – Paper Additives

Decorative wrapping paper contains toxins like chromium, nickel, synthetic inks and magnesium foils. This type of paper is not worthy to be recycled. It continues to cause damage and releases deadly and carcinogenic compounds even after it is burned or buried.

Safe, Magnificent and Eco-Friendly Paper Alternatives

There are many appealing and uncommon options for couples looking for wedding invitations, save-the-dates and even gift-wrap. One of the best alternatives is tree-free paper. These textured papers are made from fibers of sustainable plants like coffee, banana, sugar cane and other agricultural wastes. Recycled paper is another great option. Paper containing post-consumer waste (PCW) content directly comes out of public recycling bins. A good alternative can be the post-industrial cotton paper for letterpress Christian wedding invitations and soy inks can be preferred over petroleum-based inks for printing. With numerous advancements in technology, paperless or digital Christian wedding invitations are growing trendy.
There are several website platforms which provide people to design and send customized Christian wedding invitations, create guest lists and track all responses from the guests electronically. Aside from the environmental and cost savings, paperless invitations are far less time-consuming. Finally, paperless Christian wedding invitations are an easy start to a green wedding.
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