Wedding Invitations Ajax, GTA, Ontario, Canada

Wealthy families during this time would occasionally hire monks to write their invitations. Wedding Invitations Ajax, GTA, Ontario, Canada. Since writing was not a common skill this was a way to get stylish and beautiful invitations before the printing press was invented. Monks were expert calligraphers and could produce beautiful handwritten invitations for a fee. Since there was no reliable mail service, this method was very expensive and was typically only employed by the most noble or royal families. The invitations would have to be delivered by hand or by horseback.

Wedding Invitations Ajax

Invitation with printed flowers

Wedding Invitations Ajax

Once printing became more common and literacy skills increased, families had a few more available options when announcing their weddings. Some chose to have large signs printed which could be hung around town. Mail service was far from reliable making it impossible to send out individual written invitations. Rich families sometimes chose to send out invitations; however these were delivered by horseback, not traditional mail, since this was more reliable.

When the printing press was invented, it made excellent books, but not so attractive wedding invitations. Imagine receiving an invitation that looked like a page from a book. Printing of invitations by everyone was not popularized until other printing techniques were more commonly used. Engraving allowed invitations to be custom printed and more beautiful than the printing press. These invitations were known for their smudging, so tissue sheets protected each invitation once they were printed. These tissue sheets are still sometimes included in invitations to this day.
As the postal system became more reliable, many started to turn to it for mailing of invitations. Transit could be rough on the invitations, so they were placed inside of two envelopes as they were mailed. This was to protect the invitation. Traditionally, when the invitation arrived, the servant would remove the outer, dirty envelope and present the invitee with the second, clean envelope. This wedding invitation tradition continues to this day.

Romantic Wedding Invitations

Pretty pink wedding invitations can make a romantic statement to your guests as you send out your invitations. They pair well with romantic themed weddings and celebrations. A bride looking for a romantic and beautiful invitation should consider the possibility of using a pink wedding invitation.Pink wedding invitations is available in a variety of different styles and colors. While many think of pink in its traditional light form, there are many shades of pink that can suit a variety of personalities and styles. In addition any shade of pink can be combined with another color to create unique and varied looks. A bright pink paired with black makes a dramatic statement.

A bride choosing to pair a light pink with beige and cream is looking to project a romantic theme. Pinks can pair easily and beautifully with a variety of different colors and styles which is an ideal platform to create any wedding that is desired.

Pink wedding stationery is readily available in many different styles and price ranges. Brides that want to use these beautiful invitations will be able to find a variety of resources and an endless supply of options. Check out her site, Wedding Ideas if you are looking for help and free information to plan your wedding.