Rustic Wedding Invitations Ideas

Rustic Wedding Invitations with burlap and string

Rustic style Wedding Invitation from Toronto design studio

You are inspired by lovely rustic wedding pictures on Pinterest but you are not sure how to start planning your rustic wedding? What is exactly a Rustic wedding? Is that a wedding trend?
Look below for some information on rustic wedding theme and get inspired!

What is rustic wedding?

Let’s start with identifying that rustic wedding is. It is a wedding style, which is diverse and very inspiring. It involves using of various natural and organic textures that would carry a bold statement throughout your wedding décor. Rustic wedding be designed in a variety of styles to represent your own individual perception including handmade, retro, beach, chic, romantic, cottage, and even glamorous.

The word ‘rustic’ describes things that are related to countryside and in weddings that would apply to events that are being held in an outdoor venue (typically the architectural style of venue and furniture matches the theme) or otherwise wedding décor incorporates lots of nature-inspired elements. And in wedding world ‘rustic’ bears such a broad meaning that it not longer has a specific definition and that allows unlimited creativity in planning your style and décor elements.

rustic wedding table accents  rustic wedding table arrangementcottage wedding table decorrustic table number

How to plan a rustic wedding?

Most popular Rustic Wedding Invitations theme variations are shabby chic rustic wedding, country wedding, and eco-friendly with shabby-chic being the most upscale of all three. Shabby-chic wedding includes natural décor elements with country charm combining such elements as chalkboard signs with old gold décor accents. Country wedding calls for barbecue and lots of dancing, while eco-friendly is all about organic accents and minimal décor.

If you wish to plan your rustic wedding start with determining which of these styles you like better and what direction to choose. Get inspired but abundance of rustic photos found online and whether you prefer to have a hands on experience and do lots of DIY work or you wish to have professionals take care of everything enjoy the style and get creative!
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Rustic Wedding Invitations and Style Elements for Décor

Rustic theme has become so popular because it provides so many possibilities to work on some unique décor for YOUR special day! Read through the list of items below as these will some trendy things you may wish to use for your rustic theme wedding:

– Cowboy boots
– Suspenders
– Natural fabrics in clothes and decor (linen, burlap, lace, twine, plaid, wool)
– Glass food and drink jars with tags
– Wooden signs or chalkboard signs
– Homemade food & and vintage looking food containers
– Logs as décor elements
– Wooden initials for bride and groom
– Cages as décor elements
– Hand made candles

Rustic Wedding Invitations. What do I choose?

If you browse online you’ll find tons of inspiring styles with variations from simple one layer card (usually craft/recycle card stock or fancier paper like for example popular stock with wooden texture finish) to a tri fold card with multiple embellishments. Price range will vary anywhere from $1.5 for inexpensive wedding invitation to about $5.50 per fancy rustic wedding invite. Choose your style based on you budget and preferences, however, if you wish to keep it along with your rustic wedding theme watch for these materials below (if they are incorporated in your wedding card your invitation will match your theme).

Rustic Wedding Invitation with brown bag paper


English Romance Wedding Invitation. Rustic wedding card

Wedding envelope address printing

Organic wedding

Popular materials for rustic wedding invitation:
recycle paper of craft paper (brown bag)
textured paper (wood texture finish)
dolly attached to the card (semicircle on the top or bottom of the card, or dolly sleeve)
lace (lace print or actual polyester or cotton lace border attached to the card)
burlap (used as a waist band or wrap around sleeve)
burlap string (used as a wraparound element or to attach tag)
straw sting (used as a wrap around element)
tags on strings attached to the card or wrapped around it
laser cut cards with lace design
ribbons (natural colors, pastel tones)
embellishments (leaves, wood elements & etc)

Check out our collection of trendy rustic wedding invitations!

Calligraphy and graphic elements in rustic wedding invitation

If you go with simple version of rustic invitation as a one layer card or a two layer simple card you may wish to incorporate some rustic style elements in your calligraphy and graphic design. In this case birds, lace print, tree/leaf print are great elements to consider. Monogram tag is another beautiful idea to add a nice touch to your style in a simple yet very beautiful way (rustic tags may be done on craft paper, piece of wood, with laser cut, with hand writing on burlap, and more).


Rustic Wedding Stationery items

Looking for some cool ideas for rustic wedding stationery? Have a look at our rustic stationery items including table signs, place cards, menu signs, favor boxes, wedding favors, favor tags, and more. Want to creates something unique? Email us your request and we will get back to you with 48h with our feedback and suggestions. We have great experience in providing exclusive designs for wedding invitations and wedding stationery in Toronto at a very competitive pricing!

Escort tag on Mason JarRustic Escort tag

Rustic Wedding table number.

Rustic wedding table numbers with burlap

Favor box Rustic Pillow

Wedding favor. Rustic/Cottage wedding, recycle card stock and straw string

Cottage Wedding favor box

Wedding favors, rustic favor box with burlap and lace

Menu card with lace print in chades of pink and ivory. Romantic wedding menu.

Lace and dots round menu card