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Best Place Card Ideas for your Wedding by Toronto Stationery Studio.

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Little wedding décor accents.

Wedding planning is a process that requires creativity, patience and a lot of every day work. Although many professionals most likely will be involved in your big day planning, there is still a lot of homework to be done by bride and groom. Finding wedding décor elements – Place Card Wedding Stationery – that will attractively match your dig day theme requires not only great scouting but also ability to envision the whole picture.

Very important part of your wedding reception is guiding your guests to easily find their assigned table and seats. Seating charts is great way to have your guests find their seat, however, your guests will have to inevitably slow down by seating chart trying to find their names.

Although for some wedding it is a great idea to have a seating plan or seating chart at the reception, many couple prefer more individual approach in welcoming their guests to the wedding dinner. They opt for place cards or escort cards, which are not only easy to go through finding guest name, but also a pretty décor element accompanying wedding theme.

List of new trends in place cards for 2016 Weddings and 2017 Weddings.

We have here a list of cool and trendy place card and escort card ideas. Enjoy these chic designs and let us know if you wish to have them for your Big Day, we are here to make them!

1. Classic and Clean Place Card designs are timeless.

Traditional tented/ folded place card in the size of the traditional business card is big enough to have guest name and table number printed in large enough size. For this style you want to make sure calligraphy is beautiful and colors are minimized. This type of card will be great for sophisticated wedding reception with cards arranged on a place card table with centerpiece in the middle. Make a statement with gorgeous wedding flowers or stylish wedding décor elements matching your theme. Arrange place cards in regular rows so that they are easily accessible and clearly readable.

2. Fun and chic Place Card Wedding Stationery.

It can be almost anything, go as creative as you wish but remember style has to match your theme otherwise you cards will not look balanced with your wedding décor. Feather Place Card Wedding Stationery, flower pots with attached tags, corks with engraving, laser cut designs are trendy styles in high demand by creative brides.

3. Drink name tags

Getting more and more popular these fun tags for cocktail reception entertain guests and give them time to chat with each other checking who is seated where… Fun and very stylish idea! Check out cocktail reception menu with your caterer and make sure you inform your stationery designer on it so that the style of the name tag can be beautifully matched to the drink color and glass shape.

4. Edible ideas

Attach place cards to something edible – macaroons and truffles are beautiful displays. You can also use a string around the neck of soda or juice bottle. Or do a popcorn bags with name and table number attached with clothespins! Fruits are also great as place card props, use lemons or strawberries with flat one layer place cards attached with a pin.

5. Hanging place cards

Use a display board to attach your place cards with pins or clip them to hanging string. This will make a beautiful presentation at the entrance of your reception. This style is especially popular for rustic themed weddings or cottage themed weddings.

6. Place Card Wedding Stationery tacked in flowers.

As seen in top magazines this trend is big. Have your place cards sit in a tray filled with gorgeous flowers. Bright and bold colors will drive eye attention to the cards and make a huge décor statement! For rustic wedding consider using individual tiny flower pots with fake green plants and place cards attached to a wooden stick inserted into the pot!

7. Unique shaped place cards

Laser cut place cards allow going with unusual shape. Paper place cards shaped as diamond rings, champagne glasses, leaves, roses, or even simple round ones look very pretty. The will be a good keep sakes due to uniqueness.

8. Place Card Wedding Stationery with embellishments

Crystals, feathers, artificial flowers, glitter pins, glitter paper, ribbons – are all nice when it comes to embellishments. Try them to add to add some charm and sparkle but do not overuse – you want to make sure place cards serve its purpose and clearly provide information your guests are looking for.