Laser Cut Wedding Invitations
laser cut invites from China

How Laser Cut Wedding Invitations are Made

Eurolaser technology is ideally good for the processing of card stock & paper for laser cut wedding invitations. It requires low power and cutting edges turn out with none of the deformations that may occur during punching or use of other cutting technology.

This production is great for producing customized laser cut wedding invites and wedding stationery in even small lot sizes. With laser cut finest details and inner contours are possible to achieve up to less then 1/10 mm detailing.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations custom laser cut invitations

Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. The laser beam is a column of very high intensity light, of a single wavelength, or color. The focused laser beam is directed at the card stock or other material, which then is blown away (or melted or burned with other materials) leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish.
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Laser Cut Wedding Invites

What can laser cut studio offer to bride and groom

Considering laser cut invitations? Laser cut may give your invitation a unique flair, which will set it apart from many other styles that are popular on the market. In addition to gorgeous laser cut styles that one can find online browsing for her invitation idea, you may look up for laser cut studio and at a reasonable fee you might be able to look into their exclusive designs or even produce your own individual designs giving your cards a personal note and boost the enjoyment of impression from your precious wedding invitations.

Personalize your wedding laser card invitation

With laser cut technology it will take very little to transform an ordinary card to an individual product. There are minimum limits to what you are able to design using creative software programs as laser will cut accurately every detail. Stunning effects may be achieved by combining several layers of laser cut cards stock playing with paper textures and colors. Add printing to achieve upscale look and complete personalization of your card. Laser cut studios even offer invites that have wording fully cut out!

laser cut wedding invitation from China

Wedding invitation with die cut florals, laser cut invitation

DIY Laser Cut Wedding Invitations?

If you wonder how to make your own laser cut invitations we can say that you really cant make a laser cut invite unless you own a laser cut machine… However, if you love laser cut styles but want to contribute to creating your own style there are some possibilities.

Customize a card from China

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations wholesale are available online. Coming to Canada from China these invites come either with printed insert inside (if you request it to be printed) or blank which gives you an opportunity to work on your invitation insert.

Use Cricut machine

There is also a Cricut machine on a market which is a great tool for crafting simple cut shapes and style on paper, vynil, fabric, card stock, paper, and more. Cricut machines are inexpensive comparing to laser and if you are an artistic person who loves DIYs it might be useful to get one not only for your invites production. Be ready that in order to use Cricut you need to have access to internet to create your artworks online. Being a super handy tool this machine still is not able to give you speed and quality of a professional laser machine.

Come up with own won laser cut design and have it produced at the laser cut studio

Custom laser cut invitations are great for DIY lovers. Do not forget to consult with laser cut studio on how you should produce your artwork & file to be suitable for laser machine – there are some pro trick that you should be aware of! You may find some laser cut invitation templates online and work on customization or create your own style from scratch.

Laser Cut Wedding Stationery

Elegant Favor Purse wedding favor box

Favor purse boxing – embossed with tag

Not only the Wedding invitations may be done using laser cut technology, but many other stationery items from business stationery like exclusive business cards, business packaging, and other things to beautiful laser cut wedding stationery items and wedding signs. Quick and cost-effective technology is getting more and more popular due to absolutely fabulous aery and artistic look of items produced with laser cut.

What materials can be being used for laser cut wedding invitations and laser cut wedding signs?

The most common question that laser cut studios often are being asked is if there is any special laser cut paper that is to be used for laser cut wedding invitations and sleeves. Any paper and card stock may be used for laser cutting including:
– textured card stock
– extra heavy card stock
– metallic card stock

And in addition to that, lots of other materials are suitable for laser cut and may be used for wedding signs:
– acrylic
– wood
– textiles
– foils
– veneer
– polyester
– aramid
– fiberglass
– polyurethane
, and much more!

Contact us Today to Get a Free Quote for Custom Laser Cut

Buy your wedding invitations online! If you are ready to start working on your exclusive custom laser cut wedding invites or stationery item send us email with the details of your custom cut idea. Ordering wedding invitations online is a smooth and easy process. We need to know the size of your card, the desired shape, and an image (if you happen to have a reference or a sketch) of what you have in mind just for the rough estimate. We also will need to know the paper you would like to be used for your custom shaped cut (if you are not sure specify that and we will make some suggestions based on what we have suitable for your style) as well as the total quantity of cards or stationery items that you wish to order.

Custom Laser Cut Invitation Production Process

When we receive your request we will get back to you with the quotation within 48h. If you are happy with your quote and would like to proceed to order wedding invitations we will need you to email us your final artwork which has to be a vector-editing file such as .ai, .eps (or .pdf file as long as the lines for cutting are thinner than .001). We will send you a link where you can add your custom cut invite or stationery to your shopping cart and we will start the production! If you have difficulties with creating your artwork we are able to provide graphic design service at extra cost and help you create your final artwork the way it is required for laser cutting technology.

Digital Proof or Actual (Photo image) proof?

If you require to see a proof your laser cut, we will be able to email you an image of a proof of your cut shape for an extra fee before continuing production (please note, that digital proof is included for free with every order at, however, if you require a photo proof or an actual sample wedding invitations proof for your style this is an extra cost).
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Wedding Invitations Samples

If you would like to get inspired by our wedding invitation examples and invitation wording ideas please click on the link below:

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laser cut wedding invitations

Design Your Own Shapes and Cards with laser cutting!