Delivery Wedding Invitations Markham, Ontario, Canada

Spring Wedding Invitations

Typically spring is a time of new life, bright new colors and blooming flowers! Delivery Wedding Invitations Markham, Ontario, Canada. These are all things that you will want to pick up in your spring themed wedding invitations. No matter what you are looking for elegant spring wedding invitations or a more simple or even discount spring wedding invitations you will still want to capitalize on the time of year. Again you will want to think about what spring means to you and your fiancée.

Delivery Wedding Invitations Markham, Ontario, Canada

Wedding card in spring style

Delivery Wedding Invitations Markham, Ontario, Canada


any shade of pink, light greens, silver, and of course pure white
Decorations and Motifs: flowers like lilies or roses, tulips and daises. Butterflies and birds also work well.
Papers: thick white papers with a heavy bond work well. Also handmade papers with pressed flowers can make a wonderful spring invitation.

Summer Wedding Invitations:

If you are planning on getting married in the summer months then of course you will want a summer wedding invitation. These can be anything in a wide range of possibilities from the fun and whimsical summer invitation to the more formal invitation. IT again really depends on what summer means to you. You might think of fun sunny days spent at the beach or relaxing days spent out in the garden.

Colors: pastel colors in pinks,

light blues, pure white and yellows

Decorations: beach items,

raffia, tool (fabric), light muslin cloth,
Papers: vellum, light weight or light bond papers, handmade papers with pressed flowers,
When designing your wedding invitations, define your wedding style. The invitation is the first glimpse of your wedding-to-be that guests will see. In addition to listing the location and time of the wedding, the invitation should give off subtle hints as to the formality of the event. If your event is formal and elegant, so should be your wedding invitations.
Know what colors your wedding is themed around. This should not be a problem for brides but if the groom is taking on the task of ordering the invitations, he should definitely collaborate with the bride or the maid-of-honor to ensure no mistakes are made. It would be a travesty if the wedding colors are pink and mint green and the invitations are ordered as lime green and coral.
Think about incorporating your colors into a motif on your wedding invitations and then streamline both of the shades through the rest of the wedding paper. This will create a cohesive appeal. A great example of a formal wedding invitation typically comes in ivory, cream, or white card stock and paired with black or gold font. However, this is your special day, so choose what you want.
Think about the shape and size of your invitations in comparison with the style of wedding you are having. Formal weddings typically use a rectangular card for a more traditional look. However, if your wedding more on the playful side, think about going circular, scalloped, or even a square wedding invitation. Keep in mind, the bigger the envelope the more costly the postage.