Birthday Card Ideas

Think of a unique card for someone special? Birthday Card Ideas from our studio will help you to come up with your decision.
Getting a card from a drug mart is easy and of course inexpensive, but if you are looking for a special card with customized printed message let us know! Have you heard of quilling yet? If you did you would inevitably want to get a card with quilling design. 3D flowers made of colorful paper strips twisted into gorgeous shapes are absolutely stunning. Beautiful ribbon and lace tag will add even more unique feel to the gift turning it into something truly special. We create custom greeting cards in Toronto and these unique gifts can truly impress! We can include personalized message inside and cards will come in 3D boxes that protect their delicate embellishments from damaging while mailed out or delivered. Email us if you wish to order one of our unique birthday cards and we provide a quote and share with you some other examples of quilling cards that we have. We can also created baby shower cards, anniversary cards, special occasion cards, invitations, and more.